Monday, December 17, 2007

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 2

In the second part of the book, Lucas and Sloan have now gotten their ordered DNA tests back from the Adam Rice crime scene. They received positive information, which led them to find their murderer. The DNA sample found under Rice's fingernail in fact belonged to Charlie Pope. A recently released inmate from a pysch ward in northern Minnesota. As they are getting all the background information on Pope they then discover that Charlie couldn't possibly have come up with these murders that were commited. Sloan and Lucas traveled to his old psych ward and interviewed the psychiatrists and doctors that worked with Charlie. They found out that his friends on the inside were The Big Three. Who are three well known killers by the names of, Carl Taylor, Biggie Lighter, and Lawrance Chase. Biggie Lighter was actually someone who Sloan had convicted and put behind bars from a previous investigation. While talking to the three they got bits and pieces of the different murders that had recently occurred. So what they all put together was that Charlie wasn't able to piece together such an elaborate murder such as the ones he committed. The ideas of Biggie, Carl, and Lawrance were infact the basis of the Larson and Rice murders. But then Grant (one of the psychiatrists) brought up the fact that Charlie only had one motivation for these and that motivation was sex. So Grant came to the conclusion that there was a second man or woman keeping him on track and focused. Because according to Doctor Grant, Charlie would do anything just for the satisfaction of sex. Now Sloan and Lucas have two things to do, find Charlie Pope and find who is helping him, before there's another killing.

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