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Top 10 List: Outside Reading

Top 10 List:

1. Lucas is one of the most important characters in Broken Prey. He is the lead detective in all of the murders that suddenly start to occur in Minnesota, and they're all some how linked to one another. Lucas is based in Minneapolis, MN but works all over the state and has assisted in the arrests of many high profile killers. This new killer though is quite intriguing, mainly because his victims are not clearly linked to one another. This detective has really got his work cut out for him this time; having to make trips all over the state to different mental health hospitals, different cities to pick up information on the victims and possible suspects, and then having to somehow piece together everything that is going on before another murder happens.

2. Sloan is another of the important characters. Like Lucas he is one of the lead detectives in the Larson and Rice murders that happened in Minnesota. Unlike Lucas, he is the one that does most of the behind-the-scenes work on these cases and doesn't stay out in the spot light. Sloan is the guy who gets all the background information and analyzes the evidence found in the crime scenes. But similarly to Lucas, he has arrested many high profile serial killers; such as The Big Three, who are later found out to be the main influences of this new killer by the name of Charlie Pope.

3. Charlie Pope is probably the most important character based on the fact that he is the one causing all the commotion. Pope was kept in a mental health facility for many years because of his known violence mixed with his stupidity and uncontrollable need for sexual activity. He was always under constant surveillance. When he was released on parole he took up a job as a garbage man and was fitted with an ankle bracelet. He was doing well for quite sometime but then suddenly disappeared from all knowledge. Being under the influence of The Big Three from the psych ward had helped convince him that he wanted to commit murder and have that feeling of being all powerful like God.

4. The Larson murder is the first event in the book that starts the story line. The Larson murder was the first of Charlie Pope's killings, and it was a very gruesome scene to see. Angela Larson was found by a creek at the end of the street that she lived on; but the way the murder was done and how she was left was what really caused everyone to get a tingle down their spines. Larson was first stripped of her clothing, raped a few times throughout the killing, whipped with what appeared to be a metal of some sort and a very sharp metal to add, her throat was slit, and then finally Pope had posed her body in such a fashion that was most pleasing to him. This is what first caused worry throughout the Minnesota police department since no prints or anything useful could be found at the scene of the crime.

5. The Rice murder was the second consecutive murder from Charlie Pope. This was the next event that caused Lucas and Sloan to believe that this could be the beginnings of a new serial killer. The murder of Adam Rice and his young son was eerily identical to that of Angela Larson in many ways. Adam Rice was found in his living room of his Dakota County farm home; he too was stripped of his clothes, raped several times throughout the entire event, whipped with the same sharp metal as Angela had, and his throat was slit as well. But there were few differences in this case, such as the fact that Adam was hung by his arms from the ceiling light during his killing and Pope had taken a souvenir with him, Pope had cut off Rice's prostate after he had killed him. Another difference between the two of the murders was the fact that Adam's son was killed, according to the scene, his son had surprised Pope and tried to run out of the house to get help, but while he was running Pope had smashed the kid's head in with a metal baseball bat which he had later cleaned and threw into a near by bean field.

6. When a Star Tribune writer, Ruffe Ignace, was contacted by Charlie Pope himself, it set the entire investigation on high speed to catch him. While talking to Ruffe, Pope had given away a few details that were desperately needed, but weren't as helpful as they would've hoped. Charlie had told Ruffe that he had his next victim and that it was another female and he also gave his intended place of killing her. Pope explained in great detail how he was planning on taking her up to the Boundary Waters area out in the woods somewhere, do as much as he pleased with her, and then the next morning strip her down and give her a head start out into the woods then go and track her down. While Charlie is explaining this, Ruffe is taking down exact notes of the entire conversation and word for word as well. Ignace soon finds out that his last article about the killings had inspired Charlie to up his game and get a straight razor to kill his victims with, and he had also warned them that he was getting smarter and more carefully planning his murders down to a T.

7. After a long and failed high speed car chase after Charlie Pope is finished and done with, Lucas receives a call informing him that they have infact found Carlita Peterson. The scene was a terrifying one to see; Carlita was found hanging from a bar on a near-by building. Her murder was different than all the rest of them, she had her throat slit much like the other two, but after she was dead she was slashed open and then completely gutted. So Pope had left her carcass just hanging out for her entire community to see. This one was by far the most brutal and gruesome to see. This had made everyone realize that Pope was becoming more uncontrolled with is killings and it worried them that there would be another one within the next few days.

8. This event is one of the most shocking discoveries in Broken Prey. Immediately after the Peterson murder, Lucas was brought in to talk to his boss John Hopping Crow, and they had a serious matter to converse about. Crow had informed Lucas that there was a body that was discovered in the Minnesota River a few days earlier. The body that was found was that of a male and according to the medical examiner it had been there for a little over a month now. They got some DNA samples from that body and it had matched up with some DNA they already had registered for Charlie Pope. This turning point makes everyone realize that they've been looking for the wrong guy, because the guy they've been looking for was dead. The weird thing though is that the DNA matched the blood that was found under Rice's fingernails. When that blood sample was further studied they came to realize that the blood cells had bursted, which meant that the blood was previously frozen.

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 7

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post A--week 7

Vocab Words:

a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features: emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.

the predominant or prevailing tendency of one's spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; characteristic attitude

Figurative Language:

1. 'He was nuts, but he was a small-town boy. He was afraid to go to big places, afraid of the people he might meet. And he didn't seem to be smart enough, or to have the will, to ignore those fears.' (pg 354)
This shows imagery; in this passage Lucas is describing their murderer. Since they have now found who their killer is they need to get background information and pictures, any kind of information they have on Charlie Pope. This helps describe the personality of this murderer.


The emerging theme in this book is still the same as before. Lucas and Sloan are trying to solve two murders that were identical. So far the only part that has changed is that they now have their killer. They're trying to find Charlie Pope; as they're searching they've discovered some new information about Charlie from his old inmates at the psych ward. They've been piecing together the story and have found out that Charlie could possibly just be a pawn in The Big Three's plan.

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 6

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post A--week 6


Leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal

Required for a particular purpose, position, etc.; indispensable.

Figurative Language:

1. 'Ignace could feel the skin tighten at the back of his neck: there was no longer a question in his mind--he was talking to Charlie Pope.' (pg 159-160) This gives the effect of how Charlie Pope's presence can change the emotion of anyone who he speaks to. This helps bring out part of the theme and also the emerging story line.


The emerging theme in this story is that the murders have now subsided for the time being. But that all comes to a sudden halt when Ruffe Igance gets an unexpected phone call from the one man who has all control over the murders; Charlie Pope. Now that Pope has given Ignace much needed information that the Lucas and Sloan will need to catch him, the chase is now on to see who can find him first. Ignace is content now that he can publish a hard hitting and and informational story in the Star Tribune; he is also hoping that he will be able to further assist in the murder case. Sloan and Lucas are now hot on the trail of Charlie Pope and are discovering more and more as they look and search harder and harder.

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 5

Lucas rushed to the scene of the crime, they had found Carlita Peterson alright, unfortunately not alive. She was found hanging over the outside of an old church. Her throat was slit, which was clearly the killing stroke, and then unlike all the other ones, her body was completely gutted. Her body was cut from neck to hips and everything completely gutted out of her. He had left her dead carcass hanging out by where she lived and by her neighbors to see. The next day when Lucas returns to his office in Minneapolis, he is called into his boss's office to have a word about a new discovery. Crow had explained to Lucas that they had an even bigger problem on their hands now based on what was found in the Minnesota River a few days earlier. There was a man's decomposing body found in the bottom of the Minnesota River and they had taken in some samples of DNA to be tested. They had found a match alright, but the results where shocking. The DNA had matched up to Charlie Pope. The inspectors said that based on how the body had been decomposed the body of Charlie Pope was in the river for a little over a month now. The only problem was that the DNA had matched the blood found under Rice's fingernails. When that blood was later inspected, they had discovered that the blood cells had bursted, meaning that they had been frozen earlier.

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post A--week 5


The spirit of time; general trend of though or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.

To rout, as from a place

Figurative Language:

1. While describing how Carlita Peterson's crime scene looked it painted a very vivid picture in my mind as to how she looked.
"Peterson's throat had been slashed; that had been the killing stoke. But after she'd been killed, she'd been gutted, and her empty body, slashed from throat to anus with a cutting tool, hung in the cool sill morning air." (page 274)

2. Figurative language is also used when describing how the body of Charlie Pope was found. Again, this helps paint us a picture of what the fisherman had found stuck at the bottom of the Minnesota River; Pope's decaying body.


As the story proceeds forward, the theme is now fully in motion. The theme is obviously mystery and the following of a murder case. Now that they have found the body of next victim they are needing to pick up the pace quickly. Since they have now have realized that he's being more uncontrolled with is killings they now need to find him ASAP. But after a discovery made in the Minnesota River, their entire investigation is thrown off balance when they realize that Charlie Pope has been dead for the past month or so.