Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading week 3: part 1

Morrie has decided to have a living funeral. This is so that he can hear all of the wonderful and heartfelt things that his friends, co-workers, and loved ones have to say about him before he dies. He feels that at funerals there are so many wonderful things said about the person that has passed, but they never get to hear any of it. So Morrie had everyone over and had a ceremony much like a funeral before he died. Mitch and Morrie's first class together started with talking about Relationships. They spoke about Mitch's relationship with his wife and how he really wants to start a family but feels he won't be able to with his job and everything else that is going on in his life. Morrie then talks about his dependency on others because of his withering exisistance. Morrie can no longer walk or have any mobility with his legs, he must use a wheelchair to get around. When going to the bathroom he needs somone to old a beaker of somesort under him because he can no longer sit on the toilet without pain. When getting in and out of bed or an armchair he must be lifted and carried from place to place. When is comes to eating he must eat finely cut foods and mostly liquids. Morrie also is having troubles breathing like he used to.

Outside Reading week 2: part 2

10 Loaded Words:

1: death : to Morrie it is seen as a opportunity to see those he loves and get back in touch with old friends
2: suffocation : to most it seems horrible and morbid, but to Morrie it is a reality he will eventually have to face.
3: life : amazing how it can seem so endless and then at the next moment so limited
4: disease : to most seen as a bad thing to have, but to Morrie it is seen as the final chapter in his life and somthing to experience
5: final : the end to most but good and has a sense of relief to Morrie
6: funeral : Morrie decided to have a funeral when still alive so he could hear all of the wonderful and heartfelt things his friends, co-workers, and loved ones had to say about him before he died

My reactions to this portion of my book is very sad. When hearing all of the difficulties that Morrie was facing and how his death was slowly spread out over a span of some months just pulls at my heart. Knowing that he only had a certain amount of time to live would've just made me depressed, but not Morrie. Morrie's outlook on his coming death was actually a very positive one. He used this time to spend every waking moment with friends, loved ones, family, and co-workers. This also made me feel a sense of happiness because Mitch and Morrie were finally reunited and that their final class together was just starting. A class that Morrie would like to call life.

Outside Reading week 2: part 1

In the second section of my book I learn that Morrie is diagnosed with a deadly disease and he will slowly wither away as it progresses. As Morrie is becoming more and more limited in the activities he can still do, Mitch is having troubles of his own. At the magazine that he writes for is undergoing a stike by the workers he is temporarily put out of work. When he was sitting at home one night he was watching the television and to his surprise he watches an interview that is with his former professor. The interview was done about his disease and how he is increasingly getting weaker and weaker. But Morrie's outlook on his death sentence is only positive. He realizes that yes he is going to die eventually from this, but this also means that he has a reason to connect with old friends and loved ones as well as spend more time with current and new loved ones. After seeing this interview, Mitch flies to see his old professor. When he gets to his house he is warmly greeted by Morrie, and then they after talking for some hours, Mitch and Morrie decided that they would meet like this every Tuesday until the day he died. So their reconnecting process had just begun and little did Mitch know, but his last class was in session.

Outside Reading week 1: part 2

My feelings and opinions thus far in my book are mostly good. To me it sounds like Mitch's college experience was a good one based on the fact that he had really connected with one teacher and had excelled in those classes. I remember having that one teacher in elementary school who i loved and really connected with. That made me love going to school everyday and who always encouraged learning to be a fun experience and not just something that we were all forced to do. My predictions are that somehow Mitch and Morrie are going to be reunited by something, but I'm not sure what though.

outside reading week 1: part 1

the memoir i have chosen to read is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. The first section of my book talks about who Mitch was back in college when he first met Morrie and how he has changed in the present. Morrie was Mitch's professor at College. Mitch's point of view on himself was that he was a very quiet student in school and always attempted to look older than he was. Mitch then describes how his favorite professor was; Morrie was an old man with grey hair and he was a very small man. He had an explosive personality and very easy to talk to and very personable. Morrie enjoyed going out dancing at small clubs on campus and had many friends and loved ones. Mitch later describes their last meeting; which was at his graduation. Mitch had given Morrie a briefcase with his initials on it, and they had promised to keep in contact with one another. Unfortunately Mitch had gotten swept away in his high-profile job as a sports journalist that he never actually kept his promise, until one faithful night of watching tv.