Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading week 3: part 1

Morrie has decided to have a living funeral. This is so that he can hear all of the wonderful and heartfelt things that his friends, co-workers, and loved ones have to say about him before he dies. He feels that at funerals there are so many wonderful things said about the person that has passed, but they never get to hear any of it. So Morrie had everyone over and had a ceremony much like a funeral before he died. Mitch and Morrie's first class together started with talking about Relationships. They spoke about Mitch's relationship with his wife and how he really wants to start a family but feels he won't be able to with his job and everything else that is going on in his life. Morrie then talks about his dependency on others because of his withering exisistance. Morrie can no longer walk or have any mobility with his legs, he must use a wheelchair to get around. When going to the bathroom he needs somone to old a beaker of somesort under him because he can no longer sit on the toilet without pain. When getting in and out of bed or an armchair he must be lifted and carried from place to place. When is comes to eating he must eat finely cut foods and mostly liquids. Morrie also is having troubles breathing like he used to.

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