Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 3: part 2

The book has many strengths, one mainly being that the story being told is very compelling as well as a one that hits emotionally. Another strength of this book would have to be just the tone of the book as a whole; most books today are about an event that is either very dark or one that revolves around teenagers and the stupid choices that they make; this book however is learning about the value of a human life and the effects of a long drawn out sickness and how that event can being everyone closer. Even though there are many strengths to this memoir, there are also a few weaknesses. One in particular is the fact that Mitch doesn't spend enough time to fully explain the entire effects and the severity of them that ALS has on Morrie. This story does in fact relate to my life, not because a family member or a loved one had ALS, but because I do know the feeling of having an on-going battle with a "disease". The "disease" that I do have isn't a life threatening one, but it does cause complications on some parts of my life. Having epilepsy isn't the end of the word in my mind, but having to adjust my life to work with my new restrictions is challenging. But knowing at the end of the day that I'm alive, healthy, and able to do everything like I could before is enough to keep me happy and loving my life and what I choose to do with it.

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