Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 4: part 1

'"Everyone knows they're going to die," he said again,"But nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently."'- Mitch Albom (81) Tuesdays with Morrie.

I find this quote to be important because it so accurately describes the majority of our world's populations outlook on death. As the quote says, no one ever knows when they're going to die, even if given two weeks notice no one can ever accurately estimate when a human being will simply stop living. Death is one of the biggest fears that people have simply because they're afraid of the unknown. If every person on this Earth knew the exact day and time when they were going to die, I'm almost 100% positive that they would all live their lives alittle differently. They'd go on that trip around the world they've always wanted to go on, they'd get married to the love of their life and have a family, they'd go a jump out of an airplane for the exileration of it all; the people would be basically finish their list of things to do before they died. How this all relates to the book? Well Morrie has an idea of when he is going to die and so he's adjusting his life to fit his time frame of life left in him as well as to work well with his decaying body. This message is very important becasue if he had no idea of his disease or of his short time left, then he'd still be living his life as he was before (which by no means was bad, just not as fulfilling).

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