Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Sea Inside: Post 1

I would have to say that I was initially surprised that Ramon's friends and family were going to help him commit suicide. If I were in their position that would be such a difficult decision for me to make; while seeing a loved one suffering and not getting much better, I would want to help them in anyway that I could. But if the only way they'd be happy would be if they were dead, I would troubles with that one. Another part of the movie that surprised me was when Julia and Ramon made the suicide pact. That the day the book was published she would bring him the first copy, and then they would die together. Except that's not the part that surprised me, the part that surprised me was when she mailed him the first copy of the book and then just sent along a letter with it (explaining her reasonings i'm sure for not being there.) I believe that no one could be so unhappy with their life that they would want to take it. But for some reason when I think about Ramon's situation, he is perfectly happy with all those around him and himself; the only part about himself that he isn't happy with is the fact that he is a quadrapalegic and that he won't be able to do much with his life. When he went to the courts to seek what he wanted, they had denied him of it. I have mixed feelings about this decision from the courts. What Ramon ended up doing at the end and the fact that his friends assisited was in my opinion a good thing. If I were in Ramon's position I would much prefer my friends and family help me than the have the government help me. Most see what they did as assisting in a murder, I don't agree with that statement. Because it technically wasn't murder if the "victim" wanted to die. He voluntarily took his life. In my eyes it takes a very strong person to help their friend/loved one/family member/husbad...etc. kill themself. Admire isn't the right word...but I admire their strength in their spirit and also the love that they have for their loved one.

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