Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Sea Inside: Post 2

The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly are similar in many ways. The one similarity that immediately comes to mind is the fact that both of the main characters are both physically incapable of moving. Ramon being a quadriplegic and then Jean-Dominique Bauby being in the situation of having looked-in syndrome. They both were trapped in their bodies but had a mind that flew freely in and out of memories and dreams and hopes. Yet another similarity is that they both happened to write books while sitting in their nursery beds or their rooms. However Ramon wrote a book of poetry and Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote about his life before and during his looked-in syndrome. There are also many differences between the two, and the main one was that Ramon had more advantages with communication, meaning that Ramon was able to talk and interact with his friends and family. Bauby however wasn't as lucky; the only form of communication that Bauby had was blinking with his left eye. So obviously the progress of their books was very different; Bauby's book took soo much longer because the only way he could have anything written would be if someone was in the room with him and holding up the new alphabet he created. Also the other main difference between the two is how they both eventually end up dying; Ramon ended up commiting suicide to end his limited exisitance and then Bauby however died when he ended up dying. I felt that the movie The Sea Inside had a bigger impact on me because it had a very strong and powerful impression on me. It showed to me the strength that Ramon's loved ones had. Seeing how much love they had for Ramon, first taking care of him for such a long time and then to have all that hard work go to "waste" and end up helping him with his suicide. It had such an impact on me emotionally and mentally. I could never imagine helping my family member or loved one kill themselves.

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