Thursday, November 29, 2007

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post A

Vocab Words:

1. Scourged (pg 8)--

2. Noncommittal (pg 32)--

Figurative Language:

1. 'Rice made an awkward pile in the middle of a large puddle of blood. The light fixture on the ceiling was bent, cocked far off to one side: a lot of weight had been put on it.' (pg 32) This shows imagery. It really sets the scene of the murder of Adam Rice.

2. 'Four more people, including three women--civilians--and a cop sat in an aging Buick on the grass beside the driveway.' (pg 27) This also shows imagery; this paints the picture for the reader of the turn out for this unfortunate event of the Larson murder


"Cutting their throats with a straight razor and scourging them with a wire whip? Where do you even get a straight razor these days?" (pg 64) The significance of this quote is to explain that there are many murders occuring in the same fashion. This also is setting the theme of this novel. Explaining to the reader that what they are to expect in the on coming chapters.


The theme of this novel is a murder mystery set in Minneapolis. There are murders that happen very much in the same fashion. With the best cops and detectives working on the case trying to catch a serial killer.

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