Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 5: part 1

It is now the 10th Tuesday, and Mitch decided that he would bring along his wife Janine. Now at this time in the book the ALS is just starting to reach Morrie's lungs; which meant that he was almost on full oxygen throughout the night, he was eating mostly liquid supplements, and also eating through a straw. On this particular Tuesday, Mitch, Morrie, and Janine talked about marriage. Morrie was explaining that in Mitch's generation there were more people getting divorces and more often than before, and he believed it was because people are either too selfish or that they rush into marriage and end up realizing what they did later (and divorce quickly).
The next week, which would be the 11th Tuesday, the two talked about culture. Within this week the disease has covered more ground on Morrie's lungs. Their conversation on culture mainly consisted of Morrie's outlook on the reasoning behind negative feelings people have towards others. Most people are mean or negative only when they are feeling threatened.
Night Line came back for their third and final interview with Morrie.
The 12th Tuesday had come, and Mitch and Morrie discussed forgiveness; Morrie explained that people need to forgive others and most of all theirselves. Forgiving yourself about things you didn't do and not to wait to start forgiving others.

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