Thursday, November 29, 2007

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B

So far in "Broken Prey" there have been many characters introduced and so quickly as well. The main characters are Lucas and Sloan. Who are two of Minneapolis' best cops and detectives. They work together to solve an occurance of similar murders throughout Minnesota; trying to connect the two, but always seem to be coming to a road block. One of their lead suspects, a already tried and convicted sex offender, Charlie Pope is on the loose. He was set out of prison but then broke his parole and cut off a monitoring bracelet; so they can only assume at this point. The Larson and Rice murders are very similar in the fact that both bodies were placed in locations where they would be easily found and seen. Another similarity between the two was that the bodies were scourged; they were, what appeared to be, whipped by some sort of wire all over their body, and then their throats were both cut, by what they assume to be a straight razor. Then both victims were raped before the killing, tortured, and then "positioned" or "posed" by their killer. Lucas and Sloan at this point can only assume that what they've now got on their hands is a serial killer. And they must find him before he kills another.

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