Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 6: Final Summary

It has finally reached the 13th Tuesday. Their conversation was about what Morrie's perfect day. His day was described as the ideal day for Morrie, but to Mitch it seemed quite ordinary and normal. When Mitch finally understood Morrie's point he realized why it was such a perfect day; he realized that you should take the time out to be thankful and take in everything around yourself. See everything for it's true beauty and appreciate everything that you have in your life. On a less happier note, Morrie was coughing all the time now and then informed Mitch that after he died he wanted to be cremated.
The 14th Tuesday came; and it was a sad day because it was the day that Mitch and Morrie were saying their goodbyes to each other. Morrie could barely talk by this time, and he was sleeping most of the day.
That Saturday Morrie past, and when he did he was surrounded by his immediate family. The next Tuesday there was a small funeral for his close friends as well as his family members.

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