Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 4: part 2

This part of the memoir is about the many conversations between Mitch and Morrie. Which range from the fear of aging to money and also to how love lives on. For most they discover, aging is a very common fear of the population today. Most are afraid of getting older because they are physically aging but also because they are getting closer to death; in Morrie's opinion, aging isn't simply getting older, but aging is infact gaining more knowledge. Morrie also states that those who were wishing that they were younger, really haven't found the meaning of life. The money conversation consisted of Morrie explaining that people have it set in their minds that they need money in order to be happy in life, but infact they are way off target; no one needs money in order to be happy in life. The conversation they had about love living on was mainly Morrie telling Mitch that when he does die he wants all of his family around him, because he would not want any phone calls or telegrams given about his death, like those similar that were given to him about his own mother's death.

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