Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside Reading week 5: part 2

This part of the book is making me have a feeling of saddness. Mainly because Morrie is decaying very rapidly. The difference between the first and last Night Line interviews is mind-blowing. During the first interview Morrie was able to eat solid foods, but now that the ALS has attacked his lungs, all he can stand to eat is liquid supplements and they're eaten through a straw. The saddening part of this whole situation is that this only happened in a span of about 6 months. Once the ALS has completely taken over his lungs he will no longer be able to breathe, which of course will then lead to his eventual death. The part that really amazes me is that not too long ago Morrie used to be able to dance, move around, and just have fun with those he loved outside of his home. Now, he gets to choose between his chair or his bed; he can't walk, he can barely lift his arm past his belly. Listening to the effects that ALS has on a person's body is terrifying to just picture, I cannot even imagine having to actually witness a loved one going through this. The conversation of their's that I would have to agree with most is the one they have about forgiveness. Forgiving those around you for mistakes they did is great, but when you do something, the only way to truly move on from whatever occurred is to forgive yourself for any wrong doing that you did. If you do not forgive yourself then you'll live with that held above your head for the duratoin of your life; which can be very unhealthy for a person.

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