Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading week 2: part 2

10 Loaded Words:

1: death : to Morrie it is seen as a opportunity to see those he loves and get back in touch with old friends
2: suffocation : to most it seems horrible and morbid, but to Morrie it is a reality he will eventually have to face.
3: life : amazing how it can seem so endless and then at the next moment so limited
4: disease : to most seen as a bad thing to have, but to Morrie it is seen as the final chapter in his life and somthing to experience
5: final : the end to most but good and has a sense of relief to Morrie
6: funeral : Morrie decided to have a funeral when still alive so he could hear all of the wonderful and heartfelt things his friends, co-workers, and loved ones had to say about him before he died

My reactions to this portion of my book is very sad. When hearing all of the difficulties that Morrie was facing and how his death was slowly spread out over a span of some months just pulls at my heart. Knowing that he only had a certain amount of time to live would've just made me depressed, but not Morrie. Morrie's outlook on his coming death was actually a very positive one. He used this time to spend every waking moment with friends, loved ones, family, and co-workers. This also made me feel a sense of happiness because Mitch and Morrie were finally reunited and that their final class together was just starting. A class that Morrie would like to call life.

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