Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading week 2: part 1

In the second section of my book I learn that Morrie is diagnosed with a deadly disease and he will slowly wither away as it progresses. As Morrie is becoming more and more limited in the activities he can still do, Mitch is having troubles of his own. At the magazine that he writes for is undergoing a stike by the workers he is temporarily put out of work. When he was sitting at home one night he was watching the television and to his surprise he watches an interview that is with his former professor. The interview was done about his disease and how he is increasingly getting weaker and weaker. But Morrie's outlook on his death sentence is only positive. He realizes that yes he is going to die eventually from this, but this also means that he has a reason to connect with old friends and loved ones as well as spend more time with current and new loved ones. After seeing this interview, Mitch flies to see his old professor. When he gets to his house he is warmly greeted by Morrie, and then they after talking for some hours, Mitch and Morrie decided that they would meet like this every Tuesday until the day he died. So their reconnecting process had just begun and little did Mitch know, but his last class was in session.

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