Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 4

In this next part of Broken Prey, Lucas and Sloan are beginning to piece together the bits of information that they have from Igance and Pope. While looking through the transcript that was taken down by Ruffe he discovered many grammatical errors that were said by Charlie; but surprisingly he found many bigger and more confusing words that were used correctly. These really confused Lucas to thinking that he wasn't as stupid as everyone thought. As this was all going on Ruffe Ignace received another call from the hidden murderer himself. Charlie Pope contacted him again, this time with new information that is much needed. Charlie Pope explained that he had already gotten his next victim and that he was heading towards the Boundary Waters. His next victim was a woman by the name of Carlita Peterson, a ceramics teacher at Carleton College. As soon as they have tracked the call to northern Minnesota they are all hot on his trail. While listening to the police scanner Lucas here's of a disturbance and a persuit beginning with none other than Charlie Pope. Lucas immediately heads for the location where the chase was occurring; no does he reach the destination he his now in persuit of Charlie Pope. Almost instantly they were literally tail-gating each other. When suddenly a small sized creek stops Lucas dead in his tracks and can no longer race after Pope in his car. No more than 5 minutes after getting stuck Lucas receives a phone call from Ruffe saying that Pope had just contacted him and wanted his phone number. So no more than a minute later Lucas is talking with Mr. Pope and briefly with Ms. Peterson. The race was on to find him and save Carlita. Lucas got a tracking on the cell phone call and finds that they are in Owatonna and tells the police station there to get men out ASAP. No more than 20 minutes later Lucas receives a call saying that they've found Carlita.

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