Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 5

Lucas rushed to the scene of the crime, they had found Carlita Peterson alright, unfortunately not alive. She was found hanging over the outside of an old church. Her throat was slit, which was clearly the killing stroke, and then unlike all the other ones, her body was completely gutted. Her body was cut from neck to hips and everything completely gutted out of her. He had left her dead carcass hanging out by where she lived and by her neighbors to see. The next day when Lucas returns to his office in Minneapolis, he is called into his boss's office to have a word about a new discovery. Crow had explained to Lucas that they had an even bigger problem on their hands now based on what was found in the Minnesota River a few days earlier. There was a man's decomposing body found in the bottom of the Minnesota River and they had taken in some samples of DNA to be tested. They had found a match alright, but the results where shocking. The DNA had matched up to Charlie Pope. The inspectors said that based on how the body had been decomposed the body of Charlie Pope was in the river for a little over a month now. The only problem was that the DNA had matched the blood found under Rice's fingernails. When that blood was later inspected, they had discovered that the blood cells had bursted, meaning that they had been frozen earlier.

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