Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post A--week 6


Leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal

Required for a particular purpose, position, etc.; indispensable.

Figurative Language:

1. 'Ignace could feel the skin tighten at the back of his neck: there was no longer a question in his mind--he was talking to Charlie Pope.' (pg 159-160) This gives the effect of how Charlie Pope's presence can change the emotion of anyone who he speaks to. This helps bring out part of the theme and also the emerging story line.


The emerging theme in this story is that the murders have now subsided for the time being. But that all comes to a sudden halt when Ruffe Igance gets an unexpected phone call from the one man who has all control over the murders; Charlie Pope. Now that Pope has given Ignace much needed information that the Lucas and Sloan will need to catch him, the chase is now on to see who can find him first. Ignace is content now that he can publish a hard hitting and and informational story in the Star Tribune; he is also hoping that he will be able to further assist in the murder case. Sloan and Lucas are now hot on the trail of Charlie Pope and are discovering more and more as they look and search harder and harder.

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