Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outside Reading --2nd Quarter--post B--week 3

In the now what appears to be slow murder case has suddenly flown wide open once again. When aggressive Star Tribune reporter Ruffe Ignace gets an unexpected phone call. At first Ruffe figured it was just a prank call from someone else in the office, but then slowly but surely realizes that it was in fact who he says he is. The one and only, Charlie Pope. Within a two or three minute call Ruffe gets down all of Pope's new details for his next planned murder. Pope explains how because of the last article about him he decided to get a straight razor as Ruffe had guessed he had originally used; he gave away information that was vital to the investigation as well. Pope gave the location, an approximated time, and warned all that he was armed and as he put, 'nuts'. As soon as the call disconnects the first two calls were to Sloan and Lucas. After a long conversation with the Star Tribune manager, Ruffe, and as well as the Star Tribune's attorney. They got a tip off that Pope was last seen in Rochester; so their next stop was to Rochester. As they were there they got a security camera picture and a witness; a Mrs. Bird who gave them much needed information. She informed them that Pope was mobile...meaning that he had an Oldsmobile. Sloan and Lucas then split up to go and check different places. Lucas went down to Austin in southern Minnesota to have a word with Charlie's mom; and while he was there he got some needed information of a possible place that Charlie could be. This tip brought Lucas to a very small town that was more of a cross-roads by the name of Hill. While looking at an old family friend's farmhouse where Charlie used to work, Lucas and some local police stumbled upon a meth lab. When there they stumbled upon a key person by the name of Bobby Clanton. Who when he described Pope said he was a 'retard'. This whole investigation has given them new information, but they still haven't found Charlie. They are trying frantically to beat Pope before he murders again.

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